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Play football on the plastic field

2022-06-24 09:00World Cup Time
Summary: Why should football be played on the grass on cement or plastic fieldsBecause it is not easy to get hurt on the grass, you can play football on the concrete ground. If the other party makes a harder t
Why should football be played on the grass on cement or plastic fields
Because it is not easy to get hurt on the grass, you can play football on the concrete ground. If the other party makes a harder tackle, it is estimated that the stretcher will come up to carry youWhat kind of football shoes is better to wear when playing football on a plastic field
The flat bottom wears slowly, but it is not so powerful to step on the ball with the forefoot, so it is easier to lift the ball: while the soft glue short nail is faster, and it is also powerful to step on the ball, but the wear is very fast, and the lifting is not high. Other aspects depend on the shoes. I used to have a pair of short soft rubber nails, which felt good after wearing. Now this pair of flat bottoms don't feel very goodDo you wear Ag nail or TF nail when playing football in plastic field? Who will help me solve it? By the way, Ag nail
The grass is very short and there are not many plastic particles). Ag can be selected basically. If the grass quality is not good, TF is better. In addition, if the knee is not very good, TF with good shock absorption should be selected as much as possible. If it is a plastic flat ground, it is most suitable for flat football shoes (in/ic), and TF can also be usedWhat kind of shoes are good for playing football on the school plastic football field? What kind of studs? And why are there so few
Hehe, most of the girls in the school now only pay attention to the boys who play basketball. Right? Basketball seems more interesting and enjoyable. But if you love football, you should continue playing it. Football is a real man's sport. You dPlay football on the plastic fieldon't need others to see it. Just like it yourselfIs it harmful to the foot to wear FG or Hg football shoes when playing football on the plastic field compared with TF broken nails? Yes
I'm a professional football player. We usually choose shorter spikes when we meet plastic venues. But if I wear broken spikes, I don't feel so comfortable. It'Play football on the plastic fields not very beneficial to step on the ground and start. In fact, I can wear sneakers with shorter spikes. Broken spikes are suitable fPlay football on the plastic fieldor indoor five person systemProblems with shoes when playing football on plastic ground
What kind of plastic farm is it? If it's a kind of "hard" ground like a basketball court, and you don't even get fake grass, if you wear sneakers, it's easy to slip. You'd better wear rubber soled shoes, which is commonly known as white tennis shoes. I don't know what you call them. If it is the kind with fake grassWhat kind of football shoes do you wear on a plastic football field? Broken nails? Or flat bottom
Ordinary fan type: tf:turf (site for laying artificial plastic grass), which is commonly known as "broken nails". It is applicable to the site where turf is laid manually. This is almost an all-round football shoe. For ordinary golfers, TF sole is the most practical. The reason is that golfers usually only "train" in addition to playing serious gamesWhy does the football often played on the plastic field turn black
Relatively speaking, the plastic turf is more wear-resistant, that is, the plastic simulated grass is harder than the real grass, and the wear of the corresponding football surface is larger, because the general football is made of artificial leather, and the surface of artificial leather is easy to be contaminated after being worn. What you see on the ball surface is the dirt and the color of artificial leatherIs it better to buy flat shoes or TF broken nails when I play football on the plastic field of the school
TF is more comfortable. Let me introduce you to the professional match type of cleats for football shoes: sg:softgroud (soft grass), which is suitable for soft or very soft grass, such as natural grassland. The spikes of this kind of shoes are usually metal spikes that can be loaded and unloaded freely, which is somewhat similar to spikes worn by track and field athletesWhat kind of football shoes are better for playing football on plastic Play football on the plastic fieldfields
Athletes must wear special sports shoes. Generally, the nail length shall not exceed 9mm, and the jumping shoes shall not exceed 12mm. If the sports shoes have long nails, they are not allowed to be used on the plastic track. The surface course of the plastic field is mainly used for schools, stadiums, track and field runways and semi-circular areas at all levels
Play football on the plastic field

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