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Break your leg and play football

2022-06-23 20:04World Cup Time
Summary: Kicking breaks someone's leg. Does the other party still have a chance to play football? How much will he loseWhat is broken leg? To what extent? What is the relationship between the other party an
Kicking breaks someone's leg. Does the other party still have a chance to play football? How much will he lose
What is broken leg? To what extent? What is the relationship between the other party and you? Is it a complete accident or a big action accident? It's not easy to say whether you can recover from the injury until you go to the hospital to identify the contents of the injury. However, even if ordinary people recover, it's impossible to play football. The question of compensation requires you to negotiate with the other partyWho is the football star who broke his foot when playing a friendly match in China
It was the Frenchman Gabriel Cisse who broke his footCan you still play football after a year and a half of tibial fracture of the left leg
No problem, you can play football completely (non professional), but you have only taken out the steel ingot for three months, and the internal recovery is not very good. It is recommended to only do light-intensity recovery sports now. Generally, it will be OK after six months to one yearHello, everyone. Someone broke my leg playing football. How should he bear the responsibility and compensate me
If someone else kicks his leg and breaks it, in this case, unless the other party is a major malicious foul that destroys the rules of football, the personal injury caused by other circumstances should not be recognized as the damage caused by infringement, and the other party should not be liable for compensation. Legal analysis: playing football means being kicked off by othersI broke my leg playing football. Please. Thank you
Friend, you need a Break your leg and play footballbottle of Yunnan Baiyao spray. I have used this medicine. The effect is OK. Don't do big exercise in the next few weeks. Small restorative exercise is OK. I wish you an early recovery, galloping the green fieldWhich player was kicked off his leg on the football field
Edwardo da Silva, No. 9 of the arsenal, was kicked by Martin Taylor of Birmingham in the Premier League last season (when the TV station decided not to replay the scene). Roy Keane of Manchester United had kicked the knee of Harlan of Manchester City before. The latter basically didn't play and finally retiredWhy can some people recover from broken kicking legs (Cisse), and some people end their career when their legs are broken
Some people will be unBreak your leg and play footballable to heal after fracture due to congenital or external reasons, or malunion due to poor alignment of fracture surgery. Then they will never play again
My child is 11 years old. He is in grade five. He broke his leg playing football during the school break. At that time, the teacher was also
During the physical education class at school, I was kicked and broke my leg playing football with my classmates, and I was badly injured. Who will be responsible for
This is simple: the infringer is responsible, and those who kick your classmate's leg are responsible for compensation; 2. The school shall bear the supplementary responsibility for security. If the school has any fault in security, it shall bear the supplementary responsibility. That iBreak your leg and play footballs, if the student who kicked your classmate's leg can't afford to pay for it, the rest of the school will pay for itWhy do you break your leg when playing football, that is, comminuted fracture
The first one may be caused by the players' carelessness, for example, falling when jumping up to grab the header, but the possibility is tBreak your leg and play footballoo small. The second is when the player blocks the opponent's shot with his foot. This may happen because there are examples. The third is that the opponent's player fouls and kicks the opponent's leg directly
Break your leg and play football

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