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Can I play football

2022-06-22 15:02World Cup Time
Summary: Can I play footballYesCan I play footballYou should not play professionally at the age of 12. There are restrictions on your age, but you can participate in the light training system of professional t
Can I play football
YesCan I play football
You should notCan I play football play professionally at the age of 12. There are restrictions on your age, but you can participate in the light training system of professional teams. If your ability is outstanding, you can certainly participate in the professional league. If you are a foreign nationality, you can play abroad. It's better not to play in ChinaCan I learn to play football when I am 22~
You are welcome to join the football family. As loCan I play footballng as you have a heart for football, you can play football under normal circumstances, not necessarily worse than young people. You need to work hard and add methods, and you can play better than ordinary people. First of all, I suggest you practice more football, because football is just like people. The more time you spend with him, the more obedient he will beAm I fit to play football
Based on your description, it can be inferred that you have either not done basic skill training or have done very little. If you want to be a professional player, it's a little late to practice basic skills at the age of 17, unless you have special football talent; If it's just your hobby, I support you to continue playing. Non professionalsMeniscus injury for 5 years, no problem now, can I play football
Yes, but not after injuryCan a 13-year-old girl play football
A 13-year-old girl, of course, can play football, as long as you have such a wish. China National Women's football team China National Women's football team is subordinate to China national football team and directly managed by China Football Association. Founded in 1984, the first coach is congzheyu, [1] the current coach is jiaxiuquan, and the current captain is wuhaiyan... The people living on the platform said that we quarreled with him. Can I play football before 11 p. m
Consider the surrounding residents. Try not to play football at night. If you do, you'd better play before 9 o'clock. Because if the elderly or children are required to rest earCan I play footballlier, it is easy to affect the rest of the neighbors. The public area is right, but you should also pay attention to the feelings of others. You should think about it from heart to heartIs my 180 suitable for playing football
1. The position generally determined by physical confrontation cannot be the central defender. 2. It is explosive, 180 meters tall and has good bounce. These conditions are all good. It is OK to play as a winger. 3. (about 3 meters) the foot skills are OK. It is OK to understand the blocking position and a little bit of passing skills. A full back can play as a winger. I think it should be a winger and a avantgardeI am a high school student. Can I play football when I am 18
Football matches can be played. It has nothing to do with age, it has to do with technical level. If you are good at it, you will be robbed. The level is not enough and the club doesn't want it either. Hope to adopt, thank you
Am I fit to play football
Yes, it just takes time to cultivate excellCan I play footballent players and coaches. China is growing. We need time! I believe that in the near future we will have a team that we are proud of! Our women's football team is good! Believe that we are excellent! Let's bless together
Can I play football

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