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Why doesn't CCTV broadcast football between cities

2022-07-02 02:23World Cup Time
Summary: Why didn't CCTV broadcast the national football team yesterday? Who knows the real reasonBetween cities. In another pay channel of CCTV, Fengyun football channel, also unexpectedly blocked the nati
Why didn't CCTV broadcast the national football team yesterday? Who knows the real reason
Between cities. In another pay channel of CCTV, Fengyun football channel, also unexpectedly blocked the national football team. During the China Japan men's football match, the channel recorded and broadcast the highlights of this season's BundesligaWhy doesn't CCTV5 live broadcast the Chinese men's football team
Please don't post illegal advertisements. It's an illegal behavior that hasn't been broadcast live, but Fengyun football channel has a live broadcastWhy doesn't CCTV broadcast the Chinese football match? Please, thank you
CCTV decided to temporarily block Chinese football because of the uncertainty of recent football events and poor grades
Why did CCTV suddenly cancel the World League broadcasting plan in 2022
The Turkish match is the first appearance of the Chinese women's volleyball team after the reorganization. It is reasonable that major international matches will be broadcast live on CCTV, but judging from the recent CCTV live broadcast plan, there is no live broadcast arrangement. Why on earth is this? On the one hand, the expectations of both domestic media and fans for Cai bin are not very highWhy doesn't CCTV5 broadcast the Premier League and La Liga
First, I think it's the broadcasting right. The broadcasting fees of the Premier League and La Liga are not generally high. When studying and working in Europe, the Premier League can only be viewed on toll channels! Or friends can go to the gambling bar and have a look while drinking. Of course, CCTV will never save it alone, because it will not broadcast it for a fee. SecondWhy doesn't CCTV five broadcast the CSL live
Otherwise, the protest will be too loud. Therefore, the CSL can be seen on TV. There is no such thing as not being seen on TV, but it is guaranteed by local stations. As for CCTV, whether to broadcast or not, which game to broadcast, it is just a matter of its needs. The price is much easier to talk about than the Asian Champions League. CCTV can choose key competitions before buyingCCTV was blocked by the Football Association Is football politics or sports
In fact, CCTV has not obtained the broadcasting right at all. Although CCTV has obtained the broadcasting right of Chinese football matches, it refers to the matches hosted by China, and the East Asian top four is a football match hosted by the East Asian Football League, so the broadcasting right needs to be boughtWhy should CCTV block Chinese football
CCTV accepted the will of the leadership to temporarily block CWhy doesn't CCTV broadcast football  between citieshinese football in order to prevent the people from seeing any more corruption in Chinese football in the game. One is to maintain the image of CCTV, and the other is not to hurt the fans' enthusiasm for Chinese football. Once the Chinese football game is broadcast at that time, in case there is any news of corruption and match fixing, NoWhy did CCTV block Chinese football
However, when just asking "why temporarily changed the broadcasting plan after the notice", Jiang Heping immediately hung up the phone decisively, as if there was a secret. As for such a result, Liu Jianhong, a CCTV football commentator who was originally going to explain the game, also made it clear that it was inconvenient to answer. He just said, "this is something arranged by the leadership, I said
Why has CCTV stopped broadcasting world football recently
It is still on the air. Every Monday night, 19:30-21:2, world football is a CCTV-5 column that mainly reports the latest events and news in international football. The TV program, hosted by shaoshengyi and Wang Xiliang, is broadcast on CCTV sports channel from 19:30 to 21:25 every Monday night for 115 minutes
Why doesn't CCTV broadcast football between cities

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