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The time when the emperor played football

2022-06-27 17:00World Cup 2022 schedule
Summary: Who is a football star called emperor? Who can teach meLi Yi, male, Chinese football player, was born in Bengbu, Anhui Province on June 20th, 1979. In March, 1991, he joined the locomotive youth footb
Who is a football star called emperor? Who can teach me
Li Yi, male, Chinese football player, was born in Bengbu, Anhui Province on June 20th, 1979. In March, 1991, he joined the locomotive youth football team and worked as a striker. In the era of professional players, he has successively served in Beijing Guoan, Shenzhen Ping'an, Shaanxi Chanba and other Chinese Super League (A-A) clubsFootball star who is called Emperor
German original name Franz The time when the emperor played footballbeckenbauer&\x200e;, Born on September 11th, 1945, he is a famous German football player and coach, nicknamed "football emperor". BeckenbThe time when the emperor played footballauer made 103 appearances for the West German team, scored 14 goals, participated in the 1961970 and 1974 World Cup football matches, and won the world cup in 1974Who is Li Yi
Nickname: great emperor, Li Yi great emperor Occupation: football player native place: Bengbu nationality, Anhui Province: Han position on the field: defensive forward stunt: Bengbu roundabout marriage: married and there is a famous female saying: when it is dawn, evil will be rewarded. You should scold. This ball has been remembered by me all my lifeWhat does Li Yi mean
Li Yi is a singer. He plays table tennis very well. Twenty years ago, he won the Oscar Hundred Flowers Award. Later, he retired, studied physics hard, created quantum mechanics, and won the Nobel Prize in medicine. Later, he wrote the book red sorghum and became a people's artist. In his later years, he lived in seclusion in the mountains, devoted himself to cultivation, and finally became the 18 dragon subduing palms. Therefore, he made a comebackWhich Chinese football players can be called the great emperor now
Only Emperor Li Yi... My ball guard is like Henry! it's dawn! Chi Shangbin's evil will be rewarded! A bully is a player who shows his arrogance on the court. I want to be a bully on the court! The fans scolded me because I was a threat. Who let me play well. Everyone should give me timeWho is Li Yi? It's daybreak and I protect the ball like Henry
Li Yi is a famous football player in China ~! Beijing News: is it true that Chi Shangbin shouted "dawn" after class? Li Yi: it should be said that it is reported. Up to now, it is also a classic quote in football circles (laughter). Beijing News: Why did you shout so? Li Yi: not shoutingThe orange shirt says that the emperor is playing football. Guess who the character is
Li Yi --- Please accept the praise in time if you are satisfied---Why do many fans call Henry "the great"
Henry was famous in Arsene and was called Henry the great. I think it comes from Henry the great, the king of France in the 16th century. Because fans like him, they call him Henry the great, the mosThe time when the emperor played footballt respected emperor in historyWho is Li Yi?? Why is he called the football emperor
After hearing this, tThe time when the emperor played footballhe world knelt down and called him emperor li Yi. Li Yi is king of the world. First year. Compared with Liu Xiang in hurdles, he didn't stop his car and crashed the grandstand for more than 10 feet. Five years later, because of Li Yi, football was cancelled internationally. Ten years later, no one dared to use Yi as his own name. Fifty years later, Li Yi diedWho is called Caesar the great of football
Beckenbauer, a famous German soccer player, is known as the emperor of football and Julius Caesar. Franz Beckenbauer, a famous German football player, coach and team leader, is a legendary star. He has successively served as president of German Football Association and vice president of FIFA. You are the most powerful conqueror in the history of world football
The time when the emperor played football

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