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Football injury

2022-06-23 13:02Live broadcast of the world cup
Summary: The foot thumb kicked a football to kick, very painful now, how should I doIt belongs to sports injury, and the treatment method is as follows: if the injury is not serious, it can be treated at home.
The foot thumb kicked a football to kick, very painful now, how should I do
It belongs to sports injury, and the treatment method is as follows: if the injury is not serious, it can be treated at home. Cold compress within 24 hours, hot compress after 24 hours, and reduce the movement of affected limbs. And some drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can be applied externally and taken orally. If the injury is serious and the pain is unbearable, you need to go to the bone surgery department of the hospitalHow to do if your foot sprains when playing football
1. Distinguish the severity of the injury. Mild ankle sprain is only a soft tissue injury. The slightly severe one may be the fracture of the lateral malleolus or the base of the fifth metatarsal bone. The more serious one may be the fracture of the medial and lateral malleolus, or even the fracture of the triple malleolus. The light ones can be disposed of by themselves, and the heavy ones must be sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatmentSafety details that should be paid attention to when playing football and how to protect common sports injuries
Playing football consumes a lot of physical strength, so people often die suddenly because of exhaustion; Football is played with great power, so people are often shocked by the ball. If you want to play healthy and safe football, you need to pay attention to the following issuesPlay football, how does knee sprain do! How long will it take
Hope it can help you: the quickest way to work: use Tianqi to smash it and flush water or wine, one to two grams each time. Within an hour after drinking, the cyanosis will be completely eliminated or partially treated. It can be eliminated, but it will continue to attack after five hours, indicating that the medication is very effectiveHow to effectively avoid toe injury when playing football
The ankle and instep must be tight. No matter in ordinary practice or competition, it is necessary to develop muscle memory. Only a prepared touch of the ball can avoid injury; Generally, it is more likely to use the instep, outer instep and inner instep for passing and receiving the ball, passing and controlling the ball or shooting, because the direction and power are not easy to control when the toe touches the ballWhich football player has been injured recently
Robel, tFootball injuryhe French midfielder of Arsenal, England Pires may not be available for Saturday's Premier League game against Chelsea due to a recent right ankle injury. Pires' injury happened a week ago during the FA Cup Quarter Final replay against Chelsea. Although Arsenal beat their opponents 3-1How to prevent muscle strain when plFootball injuryaying football
Answer: muscle strain is the injury caused by sharp contraction or excessive stretching of muscle during exercise. This is easy to happen during long stretches, pull ups and sit upsFootball injury
For the parts with heavy burden and easy injury during the exercise, special attention should be paid to Football injurythe preparation activities, and some strength and stretching exercises should be properly done. The preparation activities for the vulnerable parts should be carefuFootball injuryl to prevent the strengthening of the injury. The whole set of preparation activities should be carried out step by step, and the body should feel hot and sweat slightly. 3.
I was brought down playing football this afternoon. My ankle sprained and was a little swollen. Do you apply cold or hot compress first? How to deal with it
Cold compress immediately after sprain to make blood vessels contract and coagulate and control the injury. Generally, hot compress can be used after 24 hours to dissipate the congestion around the sprain. General injury, rub some safflower oil and take some Dieda pills. More serious, go to the hospital for acupuncture and massageWhat is the most vulnerable part of a player in a football field
When playing football, when the legs are sharply extended and rotated, the originally displaced meniscus is squeezed by the upper and lower articular surfaces of the knee joint before it has time to slide forward, which can lead to injury and rupture. Western medical circles often call it "knee cartilage tear", but the actual damage is still meniscus
Football injury

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