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Play football with high feet

2022-06-23 12:02Live broadcast of the world cup
Summary: When playing football, which side of your foot can you kick high and powerfulAs long as you have strength, many of them kick big. The inside toe kicks the inside spin ball, and the outside instep kick
When playing football, which side of your foot can you kick high and powerful
As long as you have strength, many of them kick big. The inside toe kicks the inside spin ball, and the outside instep kicks the outside spin ball. If you kick too many balls, your foot strength will be big slowlyHow can football be played high and far with big feet
Kick with the inner side of the foot, especially the inner side of the big toe, which is the main force generating part, followed by the part where you can eat the ball. If it is the right foot, the foot contacts the bottom right position of the ball. Of course, you should strengthen the training of the legs and practice more 30 meter sprints, as one side saidHow can we kick the football higher, farther and without foot pain
3. Your feet. Your feet may not haPlay football with high feetve been "baptized" by this kind of ball, so you don't adapt. It may be better to kick more against the wall and then vent. Suggestions: 1 It's OK to change adidas' or Nike's football, but don't buy it too cheap. When you buy it, press it with your hand and weigh the soft and hardWhat are the common ways to play football
(3) Easy to make mistakes: first, the position of the supporting foot is backward, and the upper body tilts back when playing football, which is easy to kick the ball high. Second, the toe of the kicker is not rotated outward enough, and the contact part is incorrect. Third, there is no leg swing in the direction of the ball, forming an arc action so that the ball point is outside. Similarly, kicking set pieces from the inside of the instep is a basic action that beginners must master. AsWhy can't I play football high with the instep? Toes can be kicked high, why
You need to keep your weight up when your instep touches the football. Kick hard up. Touch the ball with the instep slightly upwardWhen you play football, you have to go higher and farther
First of all, if you want to kick the ball high and far, you must have strong legs. It is very important to exercise leg muscles, especially thigh muscles. Just like low-end Android phones, no matter how optimized the system is, the hardware can't keep up, and it's still very stuck. The second is skill. The swing leg range should be large, if the requirements for the landing point are not highAre people with high insteps suitable for playing football
No one is suitable or not. Sports itself is a very inspiring thing. Some people say that flat feet are not suitable. They recommend the landlord to see Park Zhixing's flat feet. As a result, people named "Mr. three lungs" because they are good at running, so they became the king of Asia. You can also go to see Cech, Chivu's helPlay football with high feetmetHow to play football well (I am a beginner)
How to play football well? Don't talk about the game tactics. I mean that football beginners should pay attention to. I only practice for about 6 hours a week. Half of my time is playing gaPlay football with high feetmes with more than 10 people. The general time is to practice by myself (one person). Please tell me how to practice at the beginning (my time is relatively long)
How do you lob when playing football? Where to use your feet
It depends on what kind of lob you are. If Play football with high feetthe goalkeeper kicks off the ball with a big foot, he should drive far. He basically uses the instep. The lower part of the ball will often bring a little grass after kicking. If you want to pass a more accurate overhead ball, you should use the inner or outer instep of the foot, and the technique should use rubbing or picking. You should pay attention to controlling the power and lineHow can you kick a football higher with your feet? How is football played
At the bottom of the ball, the joint between the foot and the lower leg should be aligned with the bottom of the ball and kicked hard
Play football with high feet

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