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Live broadcast of the world cup

Playing football with Messi

2022-06-22 20:05Live broadcast of the world cup
Summary: Who has a higher historical position in world football than Messi and RonaldoThe historical status of Messi and Ronaldo is now between Bozhong. The final ranking will be judged by future generations a
Who has a higher historical position in world football than Messi and Ronaldo
The historical status of Messi and Ronaldo Playing football with Messiis now between Bozhong. The final ranking will be judgePlaying football with Messid by future generations after they retire. Mero has created an era of modern football development. Until now, before mero, there has never been a player who can maintain the peak state for more than ten years and rule the football world for more than ten yearsWould Barcelona fans be happy if Ronaldo came to play with Messi
If Ronaldo plays in Barcelona and Messi is added, alas, the team members of the world club have changed their green leaves in the first team. Nowadays, the two people in the football world are the same team, and other teams
Barcelona club offered to let Messi play for them for free. Is it right for Messi to leave Barcelona and come to greater Paris
After all, Messi has cooperated with Barcelona for 20 years. What is the concept of 20 years? The whole football career of a professional player is basically spent in this team. It goes without saying that he has deep feelings. The media broke the news that Bashar's president raburta was still in Barcelona before Messi leftI am a football fan. I like football stars Yao Ming and Messi vPlaying football with Messiery much. Which one is tall and powerful
If you like football, I think Messi is more powerful, and Messi is specialized in playing football. Yao Ming doesn't play football, but basketball. You are mistakenTouching story of Messi playing football 50 words
On February 19, in Abu Dhabi, after Messi scored an anti super goal with his chest in the 110th minute, Barcelona finally stood on the top of the world and created the history of the six crown. After Messi scored, he pointed his hands to the sky again and dedicated the goal to his dead grandmotherI want to play a football match with Messi
I couldn't help thinking, "she is so meticulous& quot; Since then, I think this girl is different, unique and mysterious. I even wondered why I hadn't noticed this before. In the history class, this is the most relaxing class for the students. They are free and loose, interrupt at will, and even sleep. ButWhich three pairs of the four unsolved enemies in football, Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, are on the list
Four unsolved rivals in football, Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, are on the list. The other three pairs are unexpected! What powerful people most desire is not to stand in the first position and become eternal, but that they can find equal competitors. To continue to be strong in the competition is what they most want. There are many excellent players in footballWhy did Messi choose to play for Argentina? Is it because he doesn't like Spain_ Baidu
When it comes to the world cup, the Americas Cup or the World Cup qualifiers, we can see that the No. 10 jersey of the Argentine team is still worn on Messi. He has never forgotten his original intention. How could he choose to join the SpPlaying football with Messianish team when he was young? It has nothing to do with the strength of Spanish football at that time... The robot that defeated the human chess player in can't play football with Messi Crowe, right or wrong
Right. Playing ball requires a mobile robot, while playing chess requires only software or programs. The difference between the two is too greatIs Messi and Ronaldo just on the pitch or are they really good friends
In addition, although Ronaldo is a domineering president who likes to be in the limelight, in fact, like Messi, he values his family most and football is second. Finally, in terms of honor, Ronaldo has been worthy of Messi, and there is no inferiority complex. Even without honor
Playing football with Messi

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