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About Chinese football draft rules

2022-07-04 06:49Football World Cup
Summary: It is said that Chinese football originated very early. How much do you know about the story of footballThe competition rules have been drafted, but some provisions are far from today's rules. Howe
It is said that Chinese football originated very early. How much do you know about the story of football
The competition rules have been drafted, but some provisions are far from today's rules. However, many data show that the emergence of ancient Chinese football is earlier and has a longer history than that of Europe. In ancient China, football was called "Cuju" or "Piaoju". Both "Cuju" and "Piaoju" mean kicking, and "Ju" is the name of the ballFamous words and sentences about Chinese football
9. Slogans alone can't win the game. It's the Chinese football team, not the Chinese slogans team. It's the practice of foot work, not the practice of mouth work. Last time, I invented a slogan and lost 0:1. This time, I invented four slogans and lost 1:4. "1:4" is about to catch up with the advertising words of washing powder. It's washed whiteWhat are the memories of Chinese football in the past 21 years
In the past 21 years, Chinese football has faced various competitions, such as the world cup, the Asian preliminary trials, the top 40, the Chinese Super League, the Asian Champions League, the multi Olympic Games, and the women's football preliAbout Chinese football  draft rulesminaryLooking for information about Chinese men's football team
Their debut at the first World Cup was the 2002 World Cup between South Korea and Japan, but they lost all three games and missed nine goAbout Chinese football  draft rulesals without scoring. Only because the Saudi Arabian national football team lost all three games and missed 12 goals without scoring in the other group, they avoided being at the bottom of the top 32As for Chinese football, why can't it reach its former glory anymore
Many fans have been worried that Chinese football can't develop, so why can't Chinese football develop, and what's the reason behind it? This question was answered by Dalian coach Benitez. In an exclusive interview with Marca a a few days ago, Benitez said that the reason why Chinese football cannot develop is that children play lateHistory of Chinese football
The most important thing is that it has trained the first batch of backbone of modern football for China. Li Fenglou, Chen Chengda and Nian Weisi will not only become the main force of the national team in the future, but also occupy the dominant position of Chinese football for a longer period of time. Their own quality, ability and courage will directly affect the development of Chinese football and dominate the destiny of Chinese football in the next few decades. AndAbout Chinese football
There is a lot to say about Chinese football. But in a word, Chinese people don't realize the happiness of football. Why did the national football team About Chinese football  draft ruleslose yesterday? Since then, the national football tAbout Chinese football  draft ruleseam has not entered the world cup in three world preliminaries. Are you disappointed? In fact, it's not because of their poor skills, the pressure from the fans and the media, or the inaction of the Football AssociationAs for Chinese football players, why are they not as good as foreign ones
I don't want to say any more. I have always believed that the ability of Chinese players is the best in Asia. However, our physical strength, we have been labeled as the biggest advantage, which is our biggest loophole. In China, there is not even a professional football fitness coach. I hope Chinese football will make progress in the futureWhat is the future of Chinese football
However, if we want to solve the problem, we must take action now. For the Chinese women's football team, this year's success is bound to bring great help. We also hope to make continuous progress, provide sufficient guarantee, and encourage more players to study abroad. Finally, I hope you can continue to pay attention to and even support the future development of Chinese football
About Chinese football draft rules

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